Serving the East York Community since 1993
PRCC to provides a nurturing learning environment in which children are viewed as competent, capable, curious and rich in potential and where each child’s optimal development is fostered and supported.  Families and parents are valued, engaged, and recognized as the experts who know their children better than anyone else and have important information to share.  Our educators are knowledgeable, reflective, resourceful and rich in experience and the experiences and environments they create for children are valued. The goals and expectations for the program and educators at PRCC is to provide the best experiences and outcomes for children, families and community.
Parental involvement and partnership is recognized to be key to the success of all aspects of our programs and services at PRCC.  We ensure that parents are significant constituents in the development and delivery aspects of the services offered at our Centre.  Parents are welcome and encouraged to attend monthly Board of Directors meetings, social events as well as making crucial contributions to program planning and implementation.  Most importantly, parents are the most valuable source of information and sharing in respect to the children we serve.

PRCC is a not for profit, charitable oranization and therefore is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. The board  consists largely of elected volunteer parents, and may also included community members and school/school board representatives. 

Important documents for families
Parent Handbook
Wait List Policy & Procedures
Plains Rd Child Care Bi Laws